Welcome to Crystal Technology, a recently formed company located in South West Wales that strives to offer the best services and support possible. Please visit our about page for more information.

Services Offered

Computers, Gaming PCs & Upgrades

We offer customised computers for all sorts of requirements from home office to high end gaming pc’s and workstations. We also offer upgrades to your existing computer or laptop that is running slow or has poor game performance. We can also upgrade some Apple computers.

Internet, WiFi & Network Improvements

We offer various solutions to improve speed and/or reliability of most home and business wireless or wired networks. We also offer solutions for slow broadband speeds and poor coverage around your home or office.

Cloud & Local Backup Solutions

With more and more of our personal and business based lives being located on our devices the need for safe and secure backups grow every day. Most people we have worked with do not have a reliable or functional backup system in place. Data recovery is sometimes prohibitively expensive or completely impossible which could mean important files, photos and videos could be lost forever. We offer complete simple, reliable and secure backup methods both on site and stored in the cloud. Experts recommend that for every file you should have 3 copies. The original on your device, one copied locally and one stored in the cloud. This will fully protect you from small things like a laptop failing to floods and fire. Proper backup protects you from security threats and viruses and makes these events much less stressful.

Computer, Tablet & Phone Repairs

We offer repairs for most devices but please get in contact with us so we can offer an accurate quote for the work you require.


We offer remote and onsite support for various problems. If we are not able to fix it remotely we can visit your house or office and either resolve the issue on site or bring the device back for work at our premises

Websites, Web Hosting & Professional eMail

We offer custom designed websites and hosting so you can get started on the internet. We also offer and set up your own professional email so you can stop relying on using @gmail or @live addresses for your business or hobby.

Digital Health Checks

We offer a complete health check of your device making sure its performing to its best, keeping you secure and your data safe. We also offer training and support with keeping your online accounts safe and secure instead of using the same passwords and info for every website.

Complete Home & Business Setups

If you need a new computer or a suite of computers set up for your home or business with no hassle, we can order, configure and set everything up so it is ready for use.

Security & Smart Home

We offer advice, set up and troubleshooting of most smart home devices. We also can assist you with securing your home or office with a range of cameras and alarm systems scaling to your requirements.

TV & Entertainment

We offer advice or support for TVs and entertainment centres. We help with various smart tv features and advise on the best devices for your requirements.

Digital Skills & Lessons

We offer one on one lessons remotely or in person for a wide range of skills, devices and services.

Have any questions or something you do not see? Please get in contact with us!

We look forward to working with you soon.